Aztech Engineering & Surveying Company, Inc.

Aztech Engineering & Surveying can be contacted through one of the methods below:

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Residential Site and Plot Plans

Kenneth Gill

Office: 440-602-9071

Boundary Surveys or Septic Systems

Curtis Labarbera

Office: 440-602-9071

Commerical Planning, Construction,
Residential Development, or All Other Inquiries

Stan Loch, P.E., P.S.

Office: 440-602-9071

You can also provide a detailed request through our online order form.

Office Information

Aztech Engineering & Surveying Co., Inc.

5425 Warner Road - Suite 12
Valley View, Ohio 44125
Office Phone:440-602-9071
Cleveland Phone:216-369-0378
5425 Warner Road · Suite 12 · Valley View, OH, 44125 · (440) 602-9071